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Principles and Aims of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (April 21, 1946)

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1. Punishment of all those guilty of causing the war and of war criminals. Removal of the remains of the Hitler regime in legislation and administration. Complete cleansing of public life in its entirety, of all offices and economic posts of influence by the removal of fascists and reactionaries.

2. Removal of capitalist monopolies, transfer of the enterprises of war criminals, fascists, and those with an interest in war into the hands of the local government bodies.

3. Destruction of reactionary militarism, deprivation of power of the large estate owners, and execution of the democratic Land Reform.

4. Extension of self-government on the basis of elections carried out in a democratic manner. Conduct of all public institutions and economic life by honest democrats and proven anti-fascists; systematic training of able working men and women for posts as officials in the local government bodies, as teachers, people's judges, and works managers, with special emphasis on the training of women.

5. Transfer of all public enterprises, mineral wealth and mines, banks, savings banks, and insurance institutions into the hands of the Gemeinden, provinces, and Länder or those of an all-German government. Combination of enterprises in Economic Chambers in which trade unions and co-operatives are to participate with equal rights. Strongest possible development of the co-operative movement. Limitation of profits and protection of working men and women from capitalist exploitation.

6. Development of the economy and safeguarding of the currency by means of economic plans. Planned increase in consumer goods production in industry and crafts, with the utilization of private initiative. Strongest possible intensification of agriculture. Rebuilding of destroyed towns and speedy restoration of transport and safety in traffic. The creation of a basis for Germany's reintegration in international trade by the export of consumer goods and import of raw materials and foodstuffs of which there are deficiencies, with the aid of credits. Reconstruction of the credit system by means of public credit institutes. Provision of work for all working men and women. Safeguarding of the supply of the vital needs of the population in food, clothing, accommodation, and fuel.

7. Democratic tax reform. Simplification of the tax system by a closer grouping of the different kinds of taxation, with more consideration for social factors in tax assessment. Those who are richer must be made to carry the greater war burdens.

8. Safeguarding of democratic people's rights. Freedom of opinion in speech, pictorial representation, and writing, with safeguards for the security of the democratic state against reactionary attacks. Freedom of thought and of religion. Equality of all citizens before the law without distinction of race or sex. Equal rights for women in public and working life. State protection for the individual. Democratic reform of the legal system.

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