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Principles and Aims of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (April 21, 1946)

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9. Guarantees of the right of coalition, the right to strike, and the right of collective bargaining. Recognition of works councils as the legal representatives of workers and employees at their place of work. Equal rights for works councils in all questions concerning the works and production.

10. Legalization of the eight-hour working day as the normal working day. Extension of regulations for industrial safety, especially for women and juveniles. The creation of a uniform system of social insurance for all working men and women. Reform of social welfare and protection of mothers, children, and juveniles. Special welfare arrangements for the victims of fascism and for resettlers and repatriates.

11. Democratic reform of the entire educational system. Creation of the comprehensive school. Education of youth in the spirit of progressive democracy, friendship among the peoples, and true humanity. The right of every German to education according to his gifts and abilities. Separation of the church from the state and the school. Cultural renewal of Germany and fostering of literature, art, and science.

12. The creation of a united Germany as an anti-fascist, parliamentary, democratic republic, and the formation of a central government by the anti-fascist democratic parties.

13. Recognition of the duty to make restitution for the damage done to other peoples by the Hitler regime. The safeguarding of an average European standard of living for the German people as determined by the Potsdam Conference of the three great Powers.

14. Opposition by every means to incitement of racial persecution and international enmity. Measures for the promotion of peaceful and neighborly coexistence with other nations.


Neither the system of capitalist exploitation and suppression nor the anarchy of the capitalist system of production are, however, removed by the implementation of the demands of the moment; nor is peace finally safeguarded.

The Socialist Unity Party of Germany has as its long-term aim liberation from all exploitation and suppression, from economic crises, poverty, unemployment, and from the imperialist threat of war. This aim, the solution of the vital national and social questions of our people, can only be achieved by socialism.

The Socialist Unity Party of Germany fights for the transformation of capitalist ownership of the means of production into social ownership, and for the transformation of capitalist production of goods into socialist production, carried out by and for society. In the bourgeois society the working class is the exploited, suppressed class. It can only free itself from exploitation and suppression by simultaneously and finally freeing the whole of society from exploitation and suppression and creating the socialist society. Socialism guarantees to all nations and all people the free exercise of their rights and the development of their abilities. Only with socialism does humanity enter the realm of freedom and general well-being.

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