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Cover of the Dada Almanach (1920)

Dada was an informal, international artists’ movement that emerged during World War I to protest the war and the ideology of bourgeois capitalism, which the artists regarded as the root cause of the conflict. The group of early Dadaists that came together in 1916 around the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich included Hugo Ball, Tristan Tzara, Jean Arp, Sophie Tauber, Marcel Janco, and Richard Huelsenbeck. The Berlin Dadaists, who were more confrontational and overtly political than their Swiss colleagues, published a number of magazines and periodicals, including Der Dada and Everyman His Own Football [Jedermann sein eigner Fussball], as well as Dada Almanach, which chronicled Dada history, exhibitions, and events.

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Cover of the <I>Dada Almanach</i> (1920)

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