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Women's Activism in the Revolution of 1848/49: Statutes of the Viennese Democratic Women's Association (1848); Report on their Activities (1850); Petition to the Austrian Constituent Assembly (October 16, 1848)

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§ 7
Only women of good character and a free-thinking disposition can be members, both active and supporting. Should it happen, against all hope, that a member has joined who does not meet these criteria, she can be excluded by a majority vote.

§ 8
Gentlemen can be included in the meetings as honorary members only by way of exception, but they must refrain from voting.

§ 9
Female supporting members may attend the meetings, but they must refrain from voting.

§ 10
No differences in social rank shall exist among the members. The form of address is simply 'Mrs.' [Frau] and 'Miss' [Fräulein]. Married women take no precedence over unmarried women.

§ 11
The association is governed by a committee of five members (with three substitute members), of which one is the permanent chair, one the secretary, and one the treasurer.

§ 12
The committee runs all the affairs of the association.

§ 13
The committee must step down after three months, though it may be re-elected in whole or in part. The entire committee, or part of it, can also be compelled to resign earlier through a majority vote.

§ 14
The chairwoman grants the right to speak in the order in which speakers have asked to be recognized and moderates the debate. She can ask the speaker to stay on topic or issue a call to order only if a speaker departs substantially from the topic of the speech, if she engages in personal attacks, or if this is necessary to re-establish an orderly debate. After twice issuing a call to stay on topic or a call to order without success, she may revoke the speaker’s right to speak.

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