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Goals of the Central Round Table (December 7, 1989)

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On the Rule of Law

In their efforts on behalf of the rule of law and the safeguarding of the interests of our people, the participants in the Round Table call for immediate government measures on the following questions:
1. Any person who has engaged in abuse of office or corruption will be held responsible on the basis of the prevailing penal code. In implementing preliminary proceedings or criminal proceedings, the provisions of the code of criminal procedure will be applied. This necessarily means issuing arrest warrants, but not ordering illegal house arrests.
1.1. The office of the chief public prosecutor of the GDR must immediately guarantee that all tips, information, and communications are pursued on the basis of § 95 of the code of criminal procedure and that, when grounds for suspicion of a criminal offense are submitted, the office will immediately consider the best way to secure objects and evidence.
1.2. The government is called on to form a special department of investigation for the clarification of instances of abuse of office and corruption. This department of investigation will be placed directly under the Prime Minister for the duration of its activity. The functions of this department of investigation will be made publicly known.
1.3. The public prosecutor's office is called on to cooperate effectively with the independent investigating commission created on December 4, 1989.
1.4. The government of the GDR is called on to announce publicly an immediate plan for measures to place all departments of the Office for National Security, at all levels, under the control of the security forces of the Ministry of the Interior, so that there is no destruction of documents or evidentiary material, and so that abuse can be ruled out.
2. The government of the GDR is called on to dissolve the Office for National Security under civilian control, and to guarantee the professional integration of the staff being let go. The government shall inform the public about the provision of services in the area of security should they prove necessary.
3. The government of the GDR is called on to define a legal framework to support the activity of independent citizens' committees.

Source: Zeno and Sabine Zimmerling, eds., Neue Chronik DDR: Berichte, Fotos, Dokumente [New Chronicle GDR: Reports, Photos, Documents], 3 (24. November - 22. December 1989). Berlin: Verlag Tribüne, 1990-91, p. 57 ff.

Translation: Jeremiah Riemer

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