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The State Treaty between the FRG and the GDR on the Creation of a Monetary, Economic, and Social Union (May 18, 1990)

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ARTICLE 29: Transitional Regulations in the Public Service
The Government of the German Democratic Republic shall guarantee, with due regard for the first sentence of Article 2 (1), that in collective bargaining agreements or other settlements in the public administration sector the general economic and financial conditions in the German Democratic Republic and the exigencies of budget consolidation are taken into account, with any new service regulations being of a transitional nature only. The Federal Representation of Staff Act shall be applied mutatis mutandis.

Section 2: Finance

ARTICLE 30: Customs and Special Excise Taxes
(1) In accordance with the principle set out in Article 11(3) of this Treaty, the German Democratic Republic shall adopt step by step the customs law of the European Communities, including the Common Customs Tariff, and the special excise taxes stipulated in Annex IV to this Treaty. [ . . . ]

Source of English translation: International Legal Materials, Volume 29, Number 5 (September 1990). [29 I.L.M. 1108; (1990)]
© 1990 American Society of International Law, Washington, DC.

Original German text reprinted in Volker Gransow and Konrad Jarausch, eds., Die Deutsche Vereinigung: Dokumente zu Bürgerbewegung, Annäherung und Beitritt [German Reunification: Documents on the Citizens’ Movement, Rapprochement, and Accession]. Cologne: Verlag Wissenschaft und Politik, 1991, pp. 174-82.

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