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Control Council Directive No. 38 (October 12, 1946)

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2. Anyone who otherwise belongs to the group of followers but because of his conduct and in view of his character will first have to prove himself.

II. A lesser offender is more particularly:
1. Anyone who, born after the first day of January 1919, does not belong to the group of major offenders, but seems to be an offender, without however having manifested despicable or brutal conduct and who can be expected in view of his character to prove himself;
2. Anyone, not a major offender, who seems to be an offender but withdrew from national socialism and its methods, unqualifiedly and manifestly, at an early time.
3. In Part III of Appendix ‘A’ a list of categories of persons is given who will be carefully investigated and, if there is evidence of guilt in accordance with the provisions of paras. I and II of this Article, will be charged as lesser offenders and punished if found guilty.


I. A follower is:
Anyone who was not more than a nominal participant in, or a supporter of, the national socialistic tyranny.

II. Subject to this standard, a follower is more particularly:
1. Anyone who as a member of the NSDAP or of one of its formations, except the HJ and BDM, did no more than pay membership fees, participate in meetings where attendance was obligatory, or carry out unimportant or purely routine duties such as were directed for all members.
2. Anyone, not a major offender, an offender, or a lesser offender, who was a candidate for membership in the NSDAP but had not yet been finally accepted as a member;
3. Anyone being a former member of the Armed Forces who, in the opinion of the Zone Commander, is liable by his qualification to endanger Allied purposes.

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