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Anti-Socialist Law (October 21, 1878)

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§ 14. On the basis of the prohibition, the publications concerned are to be confiscated wherever found for the purpose of distribution. The confiscation may include the plates and forms used for reproduction; in the case of printed publications in the proper sense, a withdrawal of the set types from circulation is to be substituted for their seizure, upon the request of the interested parties. After the prohibition is final, the publication, plates, and forms are to be made unusable.

Appeal is permitted only to the Supervising Authority.

§ 15. Before the decree of prohibition, the Police Authority is empowered provisionally to seize publications of the character described in § 11, as well as plates and forms for reproduction. Within twenty-four hours, the seized publication is to be delivered to the State Police Authority. The latter must either order immediately the restoration of the confiscated material or issue a decree of prohibition within one week. If the prohibition does not ensue within this period the confiscation is voided and the various pieces, plates and forms shall be released.

§ 16. The collection of contributions for the furtherance of social democratic, socialistic, or communistic endeavors aiming at the overthrow of the existing political and social order, as well as a public appeal for such contributions, are to be prohibited by the police. The prohibition is to be announced publicly.

Appeal is permitted only to the Supervising Authority.

§ 17. Whoever participates as a member in a prohibited society (§ 6), or carries on an activity in its interest, is to be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred marks or with imprisonment not exceeding three months. The same punishment is to be inflicted on anyone who participates in a prohibited meeting (§ 9), or who does not depart immediately after the dissolution of a meeting by the police.

Imprisonment of not less than one month and not more than one year is to be inflicted on those who participate in a society or assembly as chairmen, leaders, monitors, agents, speakers, or treasurers, or on those who issue invitations to attend the meeting.

§ 18. Whoever provides a prohibited society or meeting with a place of assembly is to be punished with imprisonment of from one month to one year.

§ 19. Whoever distributes, continues, or reprints a prohibited publication (§§ 11, 12) or a provisionally confiscated publication (§ 15) is to be punished with a fine not exceeding one thousand marks or with imprisonment not exceeding six months.

§ 20. Whoever acts in violation of a prohibition under § 16, is punishable with a fine not exceeding five hundred marks or with imprisonment not exceeding three months. Moreover, all that which has been received in consequence of the prohibited collection or invitation, or its value, is to devolve to the Poor Relief Fund [Armenkasse] of the locality.

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