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Wilhelm Marr, The Victory of Judaism over Germandom (March 1879)

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Dear reader, stop gnashing your teeth in rage! [You have no right to do so.] Alien domination has been forced upon us. For 1800 years the fight against Jewish domination has lasted. The Semitic race has borne indescribable [external] suffering. You have roughly mishandled them, but rarely have you combated them spiritually. From feeble beginnings Jewry has grown beyond you. It has corrupted all society with its views. It has driven out any kind of idealism, possesses the controlling position in commerce, infiltrates increasingly into state offices, rules the theater, constitutes a sociopolitical phalanx, and finally has left you little more than the hard manual labor that it always despised. It has reduced talent to rattling superficial finesse, has made that procuress, advertising, into a goddess of public opinion. In short, Jewry lords it over you today.

[ . . . ]

Are we capable of sacrifice? Have we even succeeded in creating a single, nonpartisan anti-Jewish newspaper? Are not even our housewife clubs and similar associations under Jewish patrons who combine business with pleasure for their own profit? Does not Jewry flow into all the pores of our life?

You may gnash your teeth about Germanic apathy. I bow down in amazed admiration before this Semitic race that has set its foot upon our necks. Having gathered up the last trace of human energy, I am resigned to enter into Jewish slavery, not to surrender or ask for quarter but only to die as peacefully as possible.

[ . . . ]

Source of English translation: Richard S. Levy, Antisemitism in the Modern World. An Anthology of Texts. Lexington, Mass., and Toronto: D.C. Heath, 1991, pp. 76-93, here pp. 76-77, 87-89.

Source of original German text: Wilhelm Marr, Der Sieg des Judenthums ├╝ber das Germanenthum. Vom nicht confessionellen Standpunkt aus betrachtet [The Victory of Judaism over Germandom. Seen from a Non-Confessional Standpoint], 2nd ed. Bern: Rudolph Costenoble, 1879, foreward and pp. 29-32.

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