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Wilhelm Marr, The Victory of Judaism over Germandom (March 1879)

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Without a shred of irony, I publicly proclaim the world-historical triumph of Jewry, the news of a lost battle, the victory of the enemy without a single excuse for the stricken army.

I should like to believe that such candor deserves something better than the zealous Jewish accents of the newspapers.

[ . . . ]

It is no ostentatious prophecy but a deeply felt conviction when I say that no more than four generations shall pass before the Jews usurp absolutely every office of state, including the very highest.

Yes, Jewry shall raise Germany to a world power and make it the New Palestine of Europe.

It won't come about by violent revolution but by the voice of the people itself, as soon as German society has reached that highest level of social bankruptcy and perplexity toward which we are rushing headlong.

Don't blame Jewry for this.

[ . . . ]

Our Germanic element has shown itself culturally and historically powerless, incapable of achievement, before alien domination. This is a fact, a raw, pitiless fact. State, church, Catholicism, Protestantism, credo, and dogma must bow before the Jewish Areopagus, the daily press.

[ . . . ]

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