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Martin Bormann’s Directive 55/43 (September 29, 1943)

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Ideas for the General Membership Meetings

The national socialist movement has so far mastered every situation! It has never allowed itself to be put off its stroke by occasional setbacks and problems. On the contrary, it has always risen to the tasks and emerged the stronger from all the challenges. Now, once more, the Party is faced with a historic challenge.

If the leadership remains firm and tough during this very difficult period, the bulk of the nation will remain unshaken. But the absolute prerequisite is for the leader to give the best example of strength of faith and resolution. The personal behavior and quality of character of all Party comrades must always be irreproachable especially at this time. The Führer requires, as he particularly emphasized in his last address, that the Party set an example in everything. Never before have so many critical eyes been focused on it as today.

The Party is the political elite of the nation. In it those Germans with the greatest faith and political fanatics have come together. In becoming a member of the Party every Party comrade has taken on a particular responsibility towards the leadership and the nation. We conquered this state with incomparable toughness and energy. We must defend it with no less determination and doggedness. Every Party comrade must, especially now, feel himself to be a confidant of the Führer and a go-between between leadership and people. The Party must now in these testing times take the leadership of the people particularly firmly in hand. Our compatriots want to know that their opinions are being safely and reliably formed. Thus, the movement must not allow itself to be diverted for one moment by the accumulation of other tasks, from the important task of the leadership and influencing of the people. The persuasion and political direction of our compatriots is one of the most fundamental tasks of the Party. In the time of struggle it was an honorable duty of the National Socialists to wrestle with every single person for the dissemination of our ideas. The same must still be true now! We must keep reminding our compatriots of the destructive aims of our enemies, which already emerged before the First World War in the encirclement policy of King Edward VII, in the fight against the German colonies, etc. If the German people want to live then they must fight for their right to live until a victorious end to the war. Let us remember the post-war period, which, despite the fulfillment policy from Bell to Stresemann, imposed tougher and tougher conditions, concessions and debts on the German people. Every Party comrade must once more be persuaded to become an active participant in the movement. Only then will he feel that he is fully involved in what is happening today. More than ever before the Party must be a sworn band of fighters. Party comrades who have weakened or grown tired must once more be galvanized by the most active and fanatical ones. The élan and fighting spirit of the whole movement must at this time above all not waver for a moment.

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