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Germany Regains Full Sovereignty (September 12, 1990)

The foreign ministers of the two German states and the four victorious powers signed the “Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany” (Two-Plus-Four Treaty) in Moscow’s "October Hotel" on September 12, 1990. With the signing of the treaty, Germany regained its national and international sovereignty. As part of the agreement, Germany confirmed that its existing borders were final and promised, among other things, to reduce the Bundeswehr and not to wage wars of aggression. The Soviet Union also promised to withdraw its troops by the year 1994.

This photo shows (left to right): James Baker (USA), Douglas Hurd (Great Britain), Eduard Shevardnadze (USSR), Roland Dumas (France), Lothar de Maizière (German Democratic Republic), Hans-Dietrich Genscher (Federal Republic of Germany). Photo: Roland Holschneider.

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Germany Regains Full Sovereignty (September 12, 1990)

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