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The "Koblenz Decisions" of the West German Minister Presidents (July 10, 1948)

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1. Material and personal services shall be demanded only on such a scale as is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the forces and administration of the Occupying Powers. They must be in proportion to the resources of the country.

2. The nature and scope of material and personal services to be rendered and the way in which they are to be paid for will be determined by the Military Governors acting together. A special procedure for the making and meeting of such demands will be established, in the execution of which German authorities are to take part.

3. Occupation costs shall be established for one year in advance. All German services described in the previous two sub-paragraphs are to be included. Occupation costs shall be a fixed sum and may not exceed a fixed percentage of the regular expenditure under the normal budget. They shall be determined in consultation with the competent German authorities.

A special procedure shall be provided for to guarantee the payment of reparations and the advance claims on such German reparation obligations as have not yet been fixed. The same applies to restitutions. Such a procedure shall provide for the effective participation of German organs.

Arbitration and conciliation authorities shall be established for settling differences of opinion on the interpretation and application of the occupation statute.

Should the Military Governors regard it necessary to resume the exercise of their full powers they will do so only as an emergency measure and as a result of a decision taken in common, and only if an emergency situation threatens security or it appears necessary to enforce observance of the constitution and the occupation statute.

Source: Decisions of the Conference of Minister Presidents in Koblenz (July 10, 1948), in Foreign Relations of the United States, Volume II, Germany and Austria. United States Government Printing Office: Washington, DC, 1973, pp. 388-92.

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