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21.   Georg Friedrich Kersting, Before the Mirror (1827)
Like his close friend Caspar David Friedrich, the artist Georg Friedrich Kersting (1785-1847) was from northern Germany, studied at the Copenhagen Academy, and eventually settled in Dresden. Friedrich....
Georg Friedrich Kersting, <I>Before the Mirror</i> (1827)
22.   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1828)
This famous and frequently reproduced portrait shows the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) at the age of 79. It was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria, whose poem To the Artists,....
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1828)
23.   Heinrich Heine (1831)
Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) was one of the most important German poets and journalists of the 19th century. The roots of his style can be found in Romanticism,....
Heinrich Heine (1831)
24.   Carl Blechen, The Interior of the Palm House on Peacock Island (1832-34)
Barely known outside of Germany, Carl Blechen (1798-1840) is one of the most seriously underappreciated masters in the history of 19th-century painting. Born too late to be a pioneer of Romantic....
Carl Blechen, <I>The Interior of the Palm House on Peacock Island</i> (1832-34)
25.   Carl Blechen, View of Rooftops and Gardens (1833)
This painting shows the view from a back window in Carl Blechen’s (1798-1840) apartment on Kochstrasse in Berlin. The scene is interesting for many reasons, not least because it documents the uneven....
Carl Blechen, <I>View of Rooftops and Gardens</i> (1833)
26.   Goethe and his Works (c. 1835)
Many of the works portrayed here would have enjoyed widespread recognition, particularly among Germany's educated public and theatergoers. The painting’s border features scenes (clockwise, from top....
Goethe and his Works (c. 1835)
27.   The School of Architecture in Berlin (c. 1835)
Following the hardships and political humiliations of the Napoleonic Wars, the Prussian state embarked upon an ambitious program of architectural expansion that aimed to transform Berlin from a disorganized....
The School of Architecture in Berlin (c. 1835)
28.   Peter Cornelius, The Last Judgment (1836-39)
The Last Judgment by Peter Cornelius (1783-1867) is the last in a series of important fresco decorations commissioned by Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, the artist’s leading patron during....
Peter Cornelius, <I>The Last Judgment</i> (1836-39)
29.   Adolph von Menzel, The Balcony Room (1845)
Any viewer of this astonishingly lovely little picture by Adolph Menzel (1815-1905) must be struck by a number of qualities perhaps best described as uncannily modern. It is spare, light, seemingly....
Adolph von Menzel, <I>The Balcony Room</i> (1845)
30.   Concert in the Leipzig Gewandhaus (1845)
The Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra was officially founded under this name in 1781 but the orchestra's roots date back to the fifteenth century. The term Gewandhaus, best translated as....
Concert in the Leipzig <i>Gewandhaus</i> (1845)
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