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21.   August Bebel, Women Under Socialism [Die Frau und der Sozialismus] (1879/1910)
This facsimile shows the commemorative front cover of the 50th edition (Stuttgart, 1910) of Women....
August Bebel, <i>Women Under Socialism</i> [<I>Die Frau und der Sozialismus</i>] (1879/1910)
22.   A Social Democratic Women’s Meeting in Berlin (1890)
Entitled Meeting of Female Workers in Berlin [Versammlung von Berliner Arbeiterinnen], this colored woodcut is based on a drawing by Carl Koch.
A Social Democratic Women’s Meeting in Berlin (1890)
23.   Upper-Middle-Class Dining Room (c. 1880)
This photograph shows the dining room of the Kindermann family at Möckernstrasse 68 in Berlin.
Upper-Middle-Class Dining Room (c. 1880)
24.   Fritz von Uhde, Children’s Nursery [Die Kinderstube] (1889)
The cult of a childhood unblemished by work and family conflict was fostered by writers and artists before, during, and after the Bismarckian era. Here, artist Fritz von Uhde (1848-1911), known primarily....
Fritz von Uhde, <i>Children’s Nursery</i> [<i>Die Kinderstube</i>] (1889)
25.   The Christmas Carol [Das Weihnachtslied] (1886)
The bourgeois cults of childhood, Christmas, harmonious family life, and military superiority mesh perfectly in this montage. Note the Prussian spiked helmet [Pickelhaube] on the child playing....
<i>The Christmas Carol</i> [<I>Das Weihnachtslied</i>] (1886)
26.   A Crematorium (c. 1875)
Although religious conservatives opposed the novel practice of cremation, this depiction of a crematorium designed by the Siemens....
A Crematorium (c. 1875)
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