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NSDAP Mass Rally at the Sportpalast in Berlin (August 15, 1935)

Mass rallies were among the NSDAP's most important and effective propaganda tools. They were supposed to symbolize the individual’s solidarity with – or better yet, complete subordination to – the national community [Volksgemeinschaft]. They also aimed to mobilize the masses in ongoing support of Nazi goals. In the photograph below, the two banners on the rear wall of the Berlin Sportpalast read: "The Jews are our Misfortune" ["Die Juden sind unser Unglück"] and "Women and girls, the Jews are out to ruin you" ["Frauen und Mädchen, die Juden sind Euer Verderben"]. While slogans of this sort were obviously used to advance the Nazi agenda, anti-Semitism was by no means the party's only or even its most common message (especially not in the early 1930s). Rather, the NSDAP also appealed to widespread ideals such as social cohesion, equal rights, and national pride.

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NSDAP Mass Rally at the <I>Sportpalast</I> in Berlin (August 15, 1935)

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