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Letter from Karl Lewke to the Central Committee of the SED (December 2, 1945)

The letter by KPD functionary Karl Lewke and the enclosed memorandum from December 1945 made clear the difficulties that the Communist leadership in the Soviet occupation zone faced in reintegrating prisoners of war from the East. After their experiences in the Soviet camps, the returnees firmly rejected Communism and distrusted any party-political influence.

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Karl Lewke
Berlin 034
Frankfurter Allee 333

Berlin, December 2, 1945

To the
Central Committee of the Party

Gen. Köppe, BL – Greater Berlin, charged me with the Kgf-work on November 2, 1945.

After some initial back and forth and several negotiations with the Central Administration for Resettlers, I undertook an informational trip to Frankfurt/Oder on November 22 and laid the first foundations for purely organizational work.

From November 26-29, I, once more, and again without means of political and material power, clarified purely organizational issues in Frankfurt/Oder. My work to date has consisted of overcoming organizational difficulties, which cannot be considered as having been resolved even now. But be that as it may, what is needed now is the political support of the party, for which reason I am submitting the attached text.

Karl Lewke [signature]

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