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Excerpt from a Training Guide by SS-Sturmbannführer Paul Zapp on the "Jewish Question" (end of 1940)

The outbreak of the war saw the considerable radicalization of Nazi racial policy, which eventually led to a policy of annihilation. With the invasion of Poland alone, the Nazi regime had expanded its sphere of power to include more than 3 million Polish Jews. As the following excerpt from an SS training report on the ideological training of party and SS leaders explains, new ways and means were now called for to achieve the final elimination of the entire European Jewry. The search for the "final solution of the Jewish question" had thus begun.

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(SS-Sturmbannführer Zapp)

A. Idea and Reality

The idea of chosenness is the foundational idea of Judaism:

Old Testament prophecy – subjugation of all peoples to Israel ("The nations of the earth I will give to you, that you will devour them” – and similar examples from the Old Testament)

Based on this the Jews' claim to world domination.

[ . . . ]

Additional evidence for the political program of the Jews:

Protocols of the Elders of Zion: (Authenticity is widely controversial; the Zionist Herzl is regarded as the author). Content of the protocols: bringing Jewry to world domination.

Even if the protocols are not authentic, the Jewish program is evident from other examples:

Lord Robert Cecil (Englishman) – recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize!: "Of all the results of the war, only two are significant: the creation of the League of Nations and the takeover by the English of the protectorate over the Jewish state to be created in Palestine."

The Jews' program of world domination is marked by its attitude toward non-Jews. The guidelines for this are supplied by the law books of the Jews, the Talmud and the Shulkhan Arukh (the Torah contains the religious teachings).

Examples from Jewish law:

"The possessions of the pagans (non-Jews) are like masterless deserts; anyone who appropriates them has acquired them!"

Non-Jews are not exactly to be killed, but they must not be saved from death, for example, if they are drowning - or from a deadly disease (Jewish doctors!!).

Child in the body of a non-Jewess = animal [Vieh] = abortion!

What is a whore?
= all non-Jewish daughters!
= racial defilement!! [Rassenschande]

The attitude of the Jew to the non-Jew thus always means a struggle against the non-Jew!

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