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Documents - The Nazi State
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1.   Law to Safeguard the Unity of Party and State (December 1, 1933)
On July 14, 1933, Hitler’s “Law against the Establishment of Parties” marked the factual end of the party system and parliamentary democracy. On that same day, he passed the “Law on Plebiscites,”....
2.   Protocol of Hitler’s Speech to Gauleiters on the Role of the NSDAP (February 2, 1934)
In early 1934, it was evident that some party groups shared the SA’s view that a second National Socialist revolution was necessary. But before “Operation....
3.   Martin Bormann’s Directive 55/43 (September 29, 1943)
One particularity of Hitler’s regime was the lack of any formal regulation of the relationship between party and state. As a result, that relationship was characterized by turf battles and conflicts....
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