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Berlin Gauleiter Joseph Goebbels Greets Adolf Hitler at a Campaign Event in Berlin (January 20, 1933)
Before Hitler's appointment as Reich Chancellor, Joseph Goebbels was NSDAP Gauleiter in Berlin (from 1926 on) and “Reich Propaganda Leader” [Reichspropagandaleiter] (from 1930 on). Goebbels distinguished himself during the 1932-33 election campaign with his rhetorical talent for mass mobilization and demagoguery. At that point, his campaign speeches were directed chiefly at Reich Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher, who had tried to split the NSDAP and thus prevent Hitler from becoming Chancellor. In the end, intrigue and machinations forced Schleicher out of office and Hitler was named his successor. This image shows Goebbels, a fanatical admirer of Hitler, greeting his hero at a campaign event in Berlin. Photo by Herbert Hoffmann.