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Increase-Employment-Lottery on Jungfernstieg in Hamburg: Every One-Dime-Lot Purchased Helps Needy Compatriots Find New Jobs (May 24, 1934)
Nazi propaganda promised that economic and social need would be quickly overcome. In the foreseeable future, the German national community would be able to live in harmony, solidarity, and prosperity. In addition to massive job-creation measures, the Nazi government also initiated a series of immediate socio-political measures to fight the consequences of unemployment and poverty. These included the social welfare services provided by the National Socialist People's Welfare Organization [NS-Volkswohlfahrt or NSV] and the fundraising activities of the Winter Relief Organization [Winterhilfswerk or WHW]. Here, we see a man selling lots for the NSDAP's lottery, which was part of the Nazi propaganda strategy. Although the economic upswing the following year was officially presented as the result of National Socialist economic policy, it was in fact a consequence of the shift to a state-directed armaments economy. Photo by Joseph Schorer.