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Ernst Henrici Addresses Berlin Antisemites in the Reichshall Meeting: A Report in the Tribune (December 1880)

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thrown out! From the back of the hall, one could hear violent beating and terrible yelling.) Henrici: I ask you now to listen to me calmly. First of all, I just want to point out that the word “Christian” is no longer permitted on advertising columns. (Shouting: Outrageous! Everything is under Jewish influence already!) Otherwise the invitation on the columns would have read differently. Dr. Henrici then continues: The dominance of the Jews over the Christian people has become nothing short of unbearable. The Jews now pretend that they are more morally upright than we are and use that to gloss over their social predominance. So here I provide a statistical table. (Shouting: Where does the table come from? – From another corner: Lazy Jew boy, if you don’t shut your big mouth, you will get a box on the ears! Terrible racket.) – Chairman Ruppel: Just let Herr Henrici finish; there will be discussion afterwards. (Shouting: Jews have nothing to discuss here! Racket.) Dr. Henrici reads aloud the well-known statistical table that has been discussed many times in the newspapers. According to this table, over the last eight years, Jews were sentenced by German courts considerably more often than Christians for currency offences, perjury, fraud, forgery, fraudulent bankruptcy, and sex crimes. They say that the Talmud – which is dismissed as a source of the Jewish religion, but still regarded by the Jews as something sacred – promotes these crimes. (Dreadful racket. Shouting: Outrageous! From somewhere else: “And we have to sit here among this Jewish riff-raff!” “Just kick the Jews out!” “Jews, hats off!,” the hall resounded. Since several Jews were sitting at the back of the hall with their heads covered, their hats were knocked off, and by means of knocks and blows they were kicked out of the hall, their hats thrown after them.) Once order had been restored, Dr. Henrici read a few passages from the Talmud that said approximately the following: “Anyone cheating a goy, that is, a Christian, is doing a godly deed; anyone who finds something a Christian has lost and returns it to the Christian will not be forgiven by God.” Perjury committed against a Christian during legal proceedings is described as a particularly godly act, Dr. Henrici continued. The Talmud even reports that the good Lord is in direct contact with the rabbis and confers with them frequently about perjuries committed or still to be committed by Jews against Christians in court actions. At this point, an absolutely indescribable tumult started so that the chairman, unable to restore order despite repeated ringing, was compelled to call for a five-minute recess. Brawls took place in various parts of the hall. “Lies! Slander! Impudent Jews!” – the muddled shouts resounded. Once again, a number of Jews were thrown out of the hall with knocks and blows. Dr. Henrici continued:

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