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The London Four-Power Agreement (August 8, 1945)

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Article 4. Nothing in this Agreement shall prejudice the provisions established by the Moscow Declaration concerning the return of war criminals to the countries where they committed their crimes.

Article 5. Any Government of the United Nations may adhere to this Agreement by notice given through the diplomatic channel to the Government of the United Kingdom, who shall inform the other signatory and adhering Governments of each such adherence.

Article 6. Nothing in this Agreement shall prejudice the jurisdiction or the powers of any national or occupation court established or to be established in any Allied territory or in Germany for the trial of war criminals.

Article 7. This Agreement shall come into force on the day of signature and shall remain in force for the period of one year and shall continue thereafter, subject to the right of any Signatory to give, through the diplomatic channel, one month's notice of intention to terminate it. Such termination shall not prejudice any proceedings already taken or any findings already made in pursuance of this Agreement.

In witness whereof the Undersigned have signed the present Agreement. Done in quadruplicate in London, August 8, 1945, each in English, French and Russian, and each text to have equal authenticity.

For the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Jowitt
For the Government of the United States of America, Robert H. Jackson
For the Provisional Government of the French Republic, Robert Falco
For the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, I. T. Nikitchenko and A. N. Trainin.

Source: The London Agreement (August 8, 1945), Cmd. 6903 (1946); reprinted Beata Ruhm von Oppen, ed., Documents on Germany under Occupation, 1945-1954. London and New York: Oxford University Press, 1955, pp. 50-52.

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