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Founding Manifesto of the Protestant League (1887); Statistics on Membership (1887-1913)

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A situation like this calls for great goals and comprehensive methods! All those who have a heart for our church, all those who are imbued with the conviction that only faithfulness to the word of God and the ultimate victory of Protestant truth can enable our nation in the future to fulfill its calling in world history have to unite in common work and for a common struggle!

In consideration of this, and filled with this spirit, on October 5 of this year, Protestant men of diverse occupations from all parts of Germany joined hands to call on their co-religionists to form a

Protestant League,

whose purpose is the safeguarding of German-Protestant interests.

The program of this league is as follows: The Protestant League professes its faith in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, as the sole mediator of salvation, and in the principles of the Reformation.

The task of the League is twofold. In the struggle against the growing influence of Rome, it intends to protect Protestant interests in all realms, opposing any impairment of these interests in word and writing; however, it also intends to reach out to any aspiration on behalf of true Catholicism and Christian freedom in the bosom of the Catholic Church. – On the other hand, it also wishes to strengthen the Protestant-Christian common consciousness in the face of the indifferentism and materialism of our time, cultivate peace within the church in the face of paralyzing partisan discord, and revive and enhance interrelations between members of individual regional churches.

Each individual member of the League commits himself to playing a part in the fulfillment of this task. –

For the purpose of common action, the League, under the direction of a central board as well as an additional committee, and subdivided into state [Land] churches or regional branch associations, will organize throughout all of Protestant Germany. – The board will be assisted by a committee representing Protestant interests in the press. – General meetings will provide an opportunity for all national members to come together for a personal exchange of ideas and to pass resolutions significant to the entire body. – The costs of the League will be covered partly by regular dues and partly by special donations.

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