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The "Koblenz Decisions" of the West German Minister Presidents (July 10, 1948)

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Comments of the Minister Presidents’ Conference regarding Document II

The Minister Presidents agree with the Military Governors that a re-examination of the German Länder boundaries is appropriate.

They are, however, of the opinion that this question requires careful examination which cannot be accomplished within a short time.

Under these circumstances the Minister Presidents cannot at present propose a general solution. They are, however, of the opinion that a revision of the boundaries of the southwestern Länder is urgently required. The Parliamentary Council should debate these revisions and submit proposals to the Minister Presidents.

The right of the Länder concerned to arrive themselves at a solution remains unaffected.

Comments of the Minister Presidents’ Conference regarding Document III: Basic Principles for an Occupation Statute

1. In order to realize the economic and administrative unity of all German territory falling under the Occupation Authority of Great Britain, France and the United States, this territory should be combined into a united area, with the organization of which the Occupying Powers should charge the population.

2. German legislative, administrative and judicial powers should be limited only by those powers of the Occupation Authorities which are directly defined in the text of the occupation statute.

In case of doubt, the competence should rest with the German organs.

3. The Occupying Authorities reserve the right to take action only in so far as is necessary to realize the purposes of the occupation.

4. These measures may consist of:
a) Direct administration by organs of the occupation;
b) Control:
c) Supervision;
d) Observation, advice and assistance.

5. The purposes of the occupation are to:
a) Ensure the security of occupying troops;
b) Ensure continuing democratic order in Germany;
c) Ensure the demilitarization of Germany;
d) Ensure the fulfillment of Germany’s treaty (vertraglichen) obligations.

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